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The main intention of the ACE program is to build a community that is more informed and educated towards animal welfare and care. A community that would make a conscious effort to be more responsible pet owners and livestock related business owners. A community that would pride in pet adoption from shelters rather than buying a pet from pet shops. A community that would practise animal conservation, regardless of species or believes and eventually, a community that would pursue a career in the Veterinary sciences.


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This program has been designed to support young people and public’s learning about animal welfare and responsibility towards animal, whilst developing their respect, understanding and compassion for all living creatures.

We believe education is the key to create lasting change. Our main aim is to help young people develop responsible and caring behaviour toward animals, preventing animal cruelty and neglect in the long-term.

That’s why MNAWF has developed a series of resources aimed at educating young people about animal welfare.

MNAWF’s ACE (Animal Care Education) provides resources for educators, students and the public. These resources help young people develop knowledge, skills and understandings around improving the welfare of all animals, be they companions, farmed or wild animals.

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The Adventures of Bob & Ruby
Let's protect animal welfare with Veterinary Association Malaysia (VAM). Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation (MNAWF) and Bayer. Download Ebook (PDF, ...
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