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Guinea Pigs Husbandry


Guinea Pigs or “Cavies” are docile, easily alarmed and inclined to be quite independent if not handled frequently. Today, the cavie is

Guinea Pigs Husbandry2021-11-25T15:06:13+08:00

Canine Birth


Normal average pregnancy for dogs lasts between 64-66 days but, the apparent length of pregnancy assessed from the time of mating may

Canine Birth2021-11-25T14:54:09+08:00

Feline Birth


Non-pedigree or moggie cats are usually very fertile and give birth with very few problems but there are occasions where complications do

Feline Birth2021-11-25T14:32:47+08:00

FAQ on Rabbits


What are rabbits like? Small, cute-and-cuddly, fragile and pretty quick to dash here and there but in no comparison to cats and

FAQ on Rabbits2021-11-03T00:04:58+08:00

Rabbit Husbandry


Different rabbit breeds have different needs, sizes, appearances, personalities, health concerns, and life spans. Please choose one that will fit your home

Rabbit Husbandry2021-11-02T23:27:40+08:00