Canine SportzClub: Courses and Fees

Canine SportzClub: Courses and Fees2021-06-30T14:49:30+08:00

Under the Obedience Training Course we offered

Dog Training
We train owners to train their dogs through positive reinforcement & conditioning. Ultimately, you live with the dog and its your responsibility to owned and bring up your dog. Dogs are not AIs. Each training progress are also different due to many reasons. There is no one size fit all training. Therefore understanding, patience and persistent is key. Training will help you learn how to communicate and understand your dog better. Your dog will be happier. Many frustrated, abused or abandoned cases can be traced back to poor understanding of how and why animals behave the way they do. Through practical education, we hope many owners and potentially new owners will play a positive and supportive role in our society, co-habiting happily.

Canine Good Citizen (Basic)
Handler and dogs are trained good manners such as allow stranger to pet, accept being handled similar to a groomer or vet, walking with handler by the side, walking through crowds, come when called, dog under control when approach by another stranger dog and handler, remain calm when distractions are presented and lastly remain calm when leash is presented to stranger and walk away and keeping dog in a stay position for half a minute. Teams will also be though basic sit and down commands.

Dog Agility
Like any sports, this is a FUN dog sports in which a handler directs a dog through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy. It is open to all dogs, pure and mixed breeds alike.

Basic Agility
This is an introduction to Agility. Handler and dog team are introduced to manoeuver through a series of non-contact obstacles such as bar jumps, tunnels and tyre.

Intermediate Agility
In intermediate Agility, the team are introduced to other contact obstacles such as see-saw, dog walk, A Frame and weave polls.

Advance Agility
This is a refinement of handling skills where the handler fine-tunes accuracy and strategise the best run of the course for efficiency and. Handler will learn to navigate more challenging courses through better handling skills.

Benefits of Dog Sports: Burning off mental energy by providing mental and physical stimulation in constructive ways. Most importantly, have fun!



MNAWF membership Fee (Compulsory) RM100
Canine Good Citizen–CGC RM300
Pre-Novice RM330
Novice RM360
Intermediate RM380
Open RM400
Basic Agillity RM320
Intermediate Agility RM350
Advanced Agility RM380
Basic Rally O Level RM320
Rally O Advanced RM350
Rally O Excellent RM380

Note: Members whom have successfully completed CGC will be entitled for RM100 discounted rate for any second course or more taken in the same semester (Terms & Conditions Applied)

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