Canine SportzClub: FAQ

Canine SportzClub: FAQ2021-06-30T15:02:39+08:00

It is the first step for pet owners to train and socialize their dogs, designed to promote responsible pet ownership.

Dogs need routines and rules to follow to grow up right. As a pet owner, you can communicate better with your dog. Well-behaved dogs can socialize with other people and dogs in public.

Positive, and reward-based methods.

Yes, all dogs can be trained and it is also true that no two dogs are the same therefore the learning process is different from each dog/handler.

Yes. Our key objective is to socialize pets in a group and the syllabus is designed to increase the bond between you and your pet in having a better control at all times.

Yes and you will need to provide a copy of the vaccination report upon registration ensuring the immunization of your pet is key in introducing your pet to public places/outdoor activities.

Rally Obedience, Pre Novice & Basic Agility.

It is necessary for them to pass the basic obedience training (CGC) before signing up for the agility class.