Canine SportzClub: Items Required For The Training

Canine SportzClub: Items Required For The Training2021-06-30T14:54:40+08:00

You will need to bring along these items fer each training lesson

1. Training Collar

Prong collars, shock collars and harnesses are not encouraged and will not be allowed in the classes.

Correct application of the choke chain will be taught during the class.

Based on the dog’s temperament, behaviour and size, your instructor will advice you on the suitable collar.

2. 6-Foot-Lead

With a loop at the end.

A clip at the other end will be used to attach to the training collar

Made from woven material or leather.

3. Muzzle

Dogs whch are temperamental and may show signs of agg-ession must be on a muzzle.

4. Proper Footwear

A pair of good shoes is essential fer training to prevent slipping.

For safety reasons, sandals and slippers ore NOT allowed.

5. Plastic Bag

Training grounds are hard to come by. Please help keep our grounds clean. Pick up your dog’s poop. You won1 want to step on any poop, would you?


Please be attired in the provided official MNAWF (LOVE ALL LIFE) T-shirt. This allows us to easily identify you.