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By: Jayne Kennedy

The Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation (MNAWF) has actively participated in welfare weeks, interaction programs, public seminars and Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) since 1998. Today, they successfully live out their mission to promote a caring Malaysian society with regards to animal welfare and continue to spread this message across the nation. This year, MNAWF has brought something new to the table; a set of Obedience and Agility Trainings with the intention to build the bridge between owner and pet.

Training is often overlooked and underestimated. There is a misconception that training is only needed for guard dogs to protect, serve and obey their master. People tend to miss the fact that dogs can actually become more sociable, friendly and trustworthy through training. Take this into consideration: what is the end result when a dog listens to his owner out of respect, loyalty and love opposed to fear and instilled commands? A strong, protective bond that goes beyond simply obeying.

This concept of strengthening relationship between owner and pet is the foundation of MNAWF’s Obedience and Agility Training. Brought to the public by MNAWF’s new Canine Sportzclub, the Obedience and Agility Training is held every Sunday at Central Park in Bandar Utama from 9am to 10am.

In total, In total there are four stages of training consisting of 10 sessions each; Basic Pre-Novice, Novice, Intermediate and Open Training with prices ranging from RM130 – RM200 per stage. Each stage faces a different level of difficulty, with Basic Pre-Novice teaching handlers to use basic commands such as Heel, Sit and Stay, to the Open stage where dogs will learn Scent Discrimination and Distant Control.

Each hour long session is conducted by professional coaches with experience in conducting competitive dog training. However, the dogs are personally trained by their owners, allowing for owner and pet to understand each other better and for their dogs to ultimately listen, obey and love their owner.

Generally, there is a ratio of 1 coach to 10 dogs for each session, allowing owners to have personal coaching and interactive lessons. Additionally, nutritional and behavioral seminars are held in between lessons for complete understanding of their dogs.

On the first day of training, before you can transform your beloved dog into an obedient companion, you must ensure your pet is vaccinated, sociable and hungry. A hungry dog is an attentive dog! Just be sure to bring treats, toys and rewards to motivate your dog. For dogs that are not friendly, fret not as the professional coaches there will provide coaching and tips on how to encourage your dog to have a sunnier disposition. All these useful titbits and pockets of information is given to owners beforehand in the form of a Training Course Manual, including a list of ground rules all responsible dog owners should follow, such as picking poop up - and how to do it correctly.

MNAWF’s Obedience Training is the perfect personalised course that ensures dogs become more than just guards of the home, more than just pets but ultimately companions you can trust with your life.

For more details on MNAWF’s Obedience and Agility Training, you can always log on to their website at

Not only that, MNAWF are actually looking for volunteers for upcoming events including the Training Courses, please contact Samantha at 03-4043 2420 or email