Social Responsibility

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Seminars on Responsible Pet Ownership

The Foundation has begun a series of seminars to provide guidelines on animal welfare and promote responsible pet ownership among the community. They cover animal assisted therapy, local legislations, animal overpopulation, choice of pet and the care of exotic species, among others.

Spay/Neuter Campaigns 

Providing support in the areas of education and publicity for a spay/neuter campaign organised by the city council and the SPCA. The initial 6-month campaign which began in 2002, proved successful and is being continued. So far hundreds of animals have been spayed/neutered and although may seem small, it is a good start.

Cooperation with other organizations

National Member of the International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organisations (IAHAIO), an association formed to promote research, education and sharing of information about human-animal interactions and the unique role that animals play in human well-being and quality of life. Members are from countries across the globe – Africa, Europe, America and Asia Pacific.