Ismail Sabri: Vets allowed to open for appointments during MCO

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Defence Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob today said veterinary clinics will be allowed to operate during the movement control order period.

Responding to queries from pet owners and pet lovers, Ismail, however, said the permission granted is limited to an appointment-only basis.

"Many pet lovers have asked whether veterinary clinics will be opened.

"The government have agreed to allow operations of veterinary clinics but services provided are only based on prior appointments," he said during the daily National Security Council Covid-19 update press conference in Putrajaya.

"Pet owners can contact their nearest vet to set an appointment.

"So, yes, we allow veterinary clinics to operate but only for those who have made appointments," he explained.

At present, government veterinary clinics are open for limited hours while it was reported that most private vets have closed their practice during the MCO.

With the closure of most public eateries and people confined to their homes, animal welfare groups had raised concerns over stray cats and dogs going hungry.

There were also concerns over the possible transmission of Covid-19 via cats, although Ohio State University virologist Linda Saif reportedly argued there is no direct evidence that infected cats secreted enough of the virus to infect people.

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