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Non-pedigree or moggie cats are usually very fertile and give birth with very few problems but there are occasions where complications do occur. The queen (mother cat) has multiple oestrous cycle (able to have kittens) mainly from February to September. Female cats usually exhibit their first oestrus cycle between 6 to 12 months of age.

The average length of pregnancy in a queen is 65 days with a range of 64-68 days. Development of mammary glands at their abdominal area can be seen usually at day 40. Most pet parents will notice this or the belly gained weight significantly. Then it’s a trip to the vet clinic. The minute it’s confirmed you’d be a “grandmother”, a change of food is required and kitten dry food should be given as it covers the correct amount of protein and minerals required for the kittens and queen. By giving the right food there is no need for supplements. Food intake would also increase second half of the pregnancy. Queens activity level may remain or may not depending how heavy she’ll get but there will be the occasional jump here and there. Your veterinarian would have informed you an estimate when birthing would take place and approximately the number of kittens too. Start building the nest for Queen to get used to by getting an old huge box and layer it with old rags. Place it at a corner of your room where it's quiet and away from other pets in the house. Introduce the Queen to that area and she’ll slowly familiarize herself there. You’ll know for sure a day before the Queen gives birth when she paces, very restless then rests for a few minutes and paces again and this action is repeated a couple of times.

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