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The Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation was formed in April 1998 to promote a caring Malaysian society.

Mission Statement:

  • To promote a caring Malaysian society through creating awareness and a balanced approach to animal welfare for the well being of animal and mankind.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To generate awareness and responsibility of all residents in Malaysia on animal welfare as part of the policy towards the creation of a caring Malaysian society.
  2. To develop strategies and programmes to promote animal welfare through the MNAWF Council (under the patronage of the Minister of Agriculture), public agencies, institutions, private bodies and organisations.
  3. To undertake projects that will promote understanding and the practices of animal welfare as part of daily life of residents in Malaysia.
  4. To disseminate information on animal welfare through various media to the public, schools, community centres and other target groups.
  5. To collect and generate funds to undertake animal welfare projects.
  6. To undertake any other activities related to animal welfare.
  7. To establish linkages with other institutions and organisations, locally and internationally in matters associated with animal welfare.

The logo of the Foundation is a very stylised depiction of a human being whose arms are raised so as to hold or embrace, symbolically, the animal world, which is represented by two creatures, one which could be a bird or fish and the other a land animal.

This logo concept is at the same time very "corporate", and also very dynamic and representative of love, caring, compassion and responsibility.

The colour of the logo is in Pantone blue. Blue conveys coolness and calmness. It is an ecological colour (sky & water). Finally blue is the colour of hope.

Below the logo are the words "Love All Life" in a grey rectangle. Underlining that is the name of the Foundation in Bahasa Malaysia and English in black letters.