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The Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation was formed in April 1998 to promote a caring Malaysian society.

Mission Statement:

  • To promote a caring Malaysian society through creating awareness and a balanced approach to animal welfare for the well being of animal and mankind.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To generate awareness and responsibility of all residents in Malaysia on animal welfare as part of the policy towards the creation of a caring Malaysian society.
  2. To develop strategies and programmes to promote animal welfare through the MNAWF Council (under the patronage of the Minister of Agriculture), public agencies, institutions, private bodies and organisations.
  3. To undertake projects that will promote understanding and the practices of animal welfare as part of daily life of residents in Malaysia.
  4. To disseminate information on animal welfare through various media to the public, schools, community centres and other target groups.
  5. To collect and generate funds to undertake animal welfare projects.
  6. To undertake any other activities related to animal welfare.
  7. To establish linkages with other institutions and organisations, locally and internationally in matters associated with animal welfare.

We are most gratified by the overwhelming response from members of the public on the establishment of the Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation (MNAWF).

It goes to show that many Malaysians from every walk of life are very sensitive to the welfare and the well being of our animal friends. Animals do play a role in our lives in many ways, either directly or indirectly.

Many of us have pet animals, and to some they are close to our hearts as members of our families. Some people have working animals, like guard dogs, riding horses, drought animals and carrier mules. Most of us are also dependent on animals for the food we consume or the apparel we wear every day.

All animals kept under our care and supervision are fully dependent on us for their food, shelter and well being. Ownership carries with it the great responsibility of ensuring that the animals are comfortable and free from undue stress and cruelty. Irrespective of the actual purpose the animals are kept for, we do not have the right or privilege to mishandle or mistreat them.

There is legal protection for all animals in our country. Authorities concerned on the well being of the animals will take the necessary action and legal process on those who do not comply with this protection.Although this legal protection may stop offenders from repeating such abuses, a change in the attitudes of the public is deemed necessary.

The MNAWF in its march to develop a truly animal loving society, cannot ignore its responsibilities to other living creatures in captivity or roaming free that share our environment.

We need to ensure that the development of our culture goes beyond the compassion we feel for our fellow citizens, to all other animals and plants on planet earth. This feeling of compassion needs to be instilled in all young people.

Every school going child and citizen must be aware of the need for caring and protecting the animals they keep. Many of us as pet owners, know very well that the love we give to the animals is an investment, with returns coming back to us in manifold from them.

Any society cannot be considered developed if it condones abuse and cruelty to the animals. The plight and the sight of abandoned and stray animals in our streets are not features amenable to the developed society that we envisage.

We all have a role to play in building our nation.Let us contribute by becoming a member and participate through this Foundation. It is the hope of the Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation to make Malaysians a truly loving and caring society.

- Love All Life -

Dato' Dr. Mohd Nordin Mohd Nor (Chairman)
Datuk Dr. S. Sivagurunathan (Founder & Deputy Chairman)