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With the pandemic of Covid-19 this first half of 2020, it pushed us to adapt to a whole new life from adapting to a lockdown and pushed many pet owners to find other ways in purchasing pet food from their norm and one area that boomed unexpectedly was online.

The 2 most popular platforms called Lazada and Shopee were sought after even more and a booming business e-commerce began in Malaysia. However, there are pros and cons purchasing online and let’s do a comparison:

  • 1. No crowd to face
  • 2. Prices are somehow cheaper online with tiered discounts or vouchers
  • 3. No sales person breathing down your back
  • 4. No parking therefore save petrol. No need to step out of the house.
  • 5. Ability to shop at all hours of the day and night even in your pyjamas!
  • 6. Control of amount purchased
  • 7. Ability to purchase discreet purchases without community watching
  • 1. If new to the e-comm scene, you may visit a site that could be unreliable and may not know what to look out for when choosing an online seller.
  • 2. Product may be wrongly delivered from order.
  • 3. Product may be damaged when received. For pet food, packing must be properly done ensuring no holes or cuts to the bag.
  • 4. Claiming on damaged product can take a long process
  • 5. Cannot buy last minute especially when you realize you are out of pet food.
  • 6. Cannot view product before purchase.
  • 7. Spending too much time online therefore losing touch with community

Let’s first discuss Pros in detail:-

1. No Crowd to Face

No hassle of being near to many people and under such current circumstances of having to queue, wear a mask constantly when you are in public, scan QR code, take temperature, etc, it has just become cumbersome visiting retail. Shopping at home is the best.

2. Price Comparison

While shopping online, you have the flexibility without physically moving to compare other brands of your intended purchase. Also, online, you have great savings, great discounts right down to added vouchers, worth your money!

3. Sales Assistance

No need for Sales Assistants breathing down your back or tailing your every move while shopping.

4. No Parking

No hassle in looking for parking and no need to drive out therefore saving petrol.

5. Shop All Day & Night!

The convenience of shopping with just a touch of a button from your mobile or lap top and even in your pyjamas and all without leaving the house!

6. Discreet Purchases

This is ideal for ladies especially when purchasing lingerie and away from prying eyes.

7. Controlled Purchases

There is the opportunity and time when thinking through on purchasing items whether is it necessary or not online. Not rushed for time.

Now let’s discuss Cons:-

As we all know there is a balance in everything we do, pros purchasing online also has the cons for instance:

1. Newbie to E-Comm

New to the scene, not realizing anything, it’s always best to ask friends for recommendations on which seller site to visit so you are guaranteed quality and reliable delivery. Flagship Stores are the best as it is original, no piracy and most reliable. Overall, it is genuine.

2.Wrong Product & Refund

At times, you may receive the wrong product and you’ll have to approach the platform and they (Lazada or Shopee) will have to approach the online seller for refund and this process takes as long as 2 weeks with constant follow-ups.

3.Damaged Product

This happens during delivery when product is received as packing wasn’t done properly or lack of protection. Same process of claiming as point 2. It takes a while.

4.Last Minute Shopping

Being a pet owner myself, I have the habit of purchasing pet food last minute. At the back of my head I know where to go get it as there is ample stock but ever since MCO and the pet shop closed, I had to remind myself time and again to purchase online thus inquiring from friends’ reliable online sellers on which platform. Usual delivery, to play safe, takes between 2 to 3 days. 

5.Viewing of Product

Half the time illustrations aren’t 100%. What you see is not what you get. That’s the risk taken when purchasing online.

6.Loss of Interaction

As of this era, interaction is already losing out due to gadgets and dine in at any restaurant you’ll see a family not interacting but playing with their mobile from child to teenager to both parents. What more shopping online as apps are downloaded onto the mobile and with mobile banking, purchasing becomes so easy. Interpersonal skills will be difficult to carry on as the generations go by. 

Personally, we do what we have to at a time like this until our lives return to normal though it is and has been a huge adjustment for both pet owner and pet. Always remember to order pet food the minute the level reaches a ¼ of the bag. Look out for savings and discounts. Purchase more if possible and check expiry too. Never be in a rush when shopping online. Have friends recommend a good online seller if you are unsure and you’ll be hooked in no time exploring from my experience😊

Happy Online Shopping!